Single Hot Daddy – 99 CENTS

After years of being trapped in an abusive relationship, the only thing I look forward to is caring for the children on my ward.

Still, I can’t help but think I deserve better. Jerry treats me like crap and his behavior is getting worse every day.

I need an opportunity to get away from him, need a chance to make a better life for myself.

That’s when I meet him, the billionaire, Leon Blake.

He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, pure dominance in a suit with the face of a prince and a smile that makes my stomach flutter.

When his daughter, Sophie is rushed into hospital they know they need the best nurse to care for her. That’s why they pick me.

It’s not long until Sophie and I are pals but Leon and I are getting closer too and I can’t help but notice the way he looks at me.

When it’s time for Sophie to go home, he struggles with the idea of returning to work while looking after her. It’s then that he comes up with an idea.

I should move in with him as Sophie’s nanny!

But things aren’t so straight forward…

I’m falling in love fast but why would he ever want me? I’m just an ordinary girl who loves to read comics and write poetry.

Meanwhile, he finds it impossible to trust women when all they want is his money.

Can we finally let go of the past? Or does it start creeping back up on us in the form of Jerry who’s hellbent on getting me back… no matter what.

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