The Billionaire’s Nanny – 99 CENTS


The Barnes twins need a nanny, and the curvy Cassie Moore looks to be the perfect match for their needs.

When Cassie shows up at the home of the Barnes twin’s she’s not sure what to expect. Why do these brother’s need a live-in nanny, and how the hell is she supposed to live with them when she can barely handle looking at them?

They’re more than handsome, with bodies made to look like gods, and arrogant attitudes that tell her they can have whatever they want, she’s taken back by them.

Still they strike a need deep inside her, and before she realizes what she’s doing they’re asking for so much more than for her to be their nanny. They want her in their bed too, beneath them, and at the mercy of both of their solid lengths.

Will Cassie keep things professional or will the line’s between nanny, and lover blur?

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