Fate Mountain: Complete Series – 99 CENTS


This amazing bundle includes all 18 Fate Mountain books! Shifters and their fated mates (who meet with a little help from a shifter-human dating website) overcome all manner of trials and tribulations to reach their happy endings. Titles include:

The Rescue Bears series
Ex-Navy SEALS save lives, and find love, on the snowy peaks of Fate Mountain

Chief Bear — Clan alpha Levi Blackthorn woos his wary mate, Juliet Hernandez
Wild Bear — Shane Keenan and Lily Mason battle the scars and secrets of their past
Big Bear — Woodworker Angus Grant’s fated mate is Poppy Robins, a shy bookkeeper on the run from the mob
Brew Bear — Drew Bock and Quinn Jacobs fall for each other hard and fast … and then things get complicated
Ski Bear — Maisie Green is a pastry chef, not an athlete, but her fated mate’s a ski instructor who loves high-adrenaline living
Geek Bear — Willow Rhine, hiding from a stalker, meets Corey Bright, a shifter who doesn’t want a mate …

The Bear Patrol series
Hunky cops and detectives who meet the women they’re destined to claim while solving cases

Commander Bear — Jaguar shifter Zoe Bright tangles with chief of police Rollo Morris
Detective Bear — Undercover detective Gauge Stockwell finds Lily Lockhart, a woman held captive by a gang — and she’s his mate
Cadet Bear — Rosa Reyes and Heath Reynolds search for Rosa’s missing sister
Tech Bear — Online friends Raven and Damien learn that they’re a match, but Raven has a secret … and Damien’s a cop
Deputy Bear — Murder suspect Harper Brown is the fated mate of Knox Carter, the man investigating her

The Timber Bear Ranch series
Shifter cowboys and ranchers need mates who love the woods as much as they do

Boss Bear — Levi Kincaid must save his family’s ranch — and Sylvia Barker, the woman who’s auditing him, is his mate
Saw Bear — Buck Kincaid is ready to settle down, but his mate, Maria Reyes, has more than one wound that needs healing
Mountain Bear — Solitary shifter Cyrus Kincaid learns his mate, Daisy Danes, is the daughter of a Mafia boss — who plans to use her as a pawn in his business
Mechanic Bear — Jesse Kincaid meets his mate, fox shifter Dana Myers, when she’s on the run from a hyena gang … with a dead body in her trunk

And three bonus books
Lion’s Halloween Baby — Lion shifter Rowan Tark and witch Geneva Zales meet on Halloween and find instant passion … with unexpected consequences
Cowboy Bear’s Christmas Surprise — Connor Milton has finally met his mate … and she doesn’t know who she is
Beauty and the Bad Bearlionaire — College student Matilda Swank goes to work for James Hill, the grumpy owner of Fate Mountain’s notorious haunted mansion

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