Base Camp Bears: The Box Set – 99 CENTS


Six complete sexy & strong shifter romances. Full of action, mystery, intrigue, and of course happy endings for all but the bad guys.

These bears were born to lead, and born to love. A battle-tested brotherhood, the Base Camp Bears can find love anywhere, even in the darkest of times. With everything on the wire, they will have to go to unbelievable lengths to find and protect their mates. Non-stop action, heart-pounding suspense and a love that will have steam coming out of your ears, these bears have it all. Though their enemies may have it out for them, these bears may just find that their biggest enemy is themselves…

This box set contains:

Luther – Book 1
Aksel – Book 2
Jarvis – Book 3
Garrin – Book 4
Kiefer – Book 5
Gabriel – Book 6

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