Tourmaline – 99 CENTS


Kai, formerly a powerful storm dragon, can’t seem to stop causing chaos wherever he goes, despite being collared in human form. Now he’s been ejected from the company of other dragons and sent out to an island to take a vacation and not come back without a mate. Something that isn’t easy to do, given that his awareness of social norms is so low that even his extravagant sexiness can’t overcome it. Until he sees his mate, the embodiment of Venus, a goddess so sexy he can’t believe she is his. Finally, Kai is willing to make an effort in this world, if it means he can win this exquisite creature.

Renee is used to being overlooked, so she doesn’t mind going with her pretty friend on a free vacation after a breakup, even if she knows all the guys will ignore her as if she isn’t there. Until the hottest man on the beach suddenly takes an interest in her. Too much interest. Kai is too tall, too blunt, and too aggressive to be her type, but somehow despite his awkwardness and his obsession with water, she can’t resist the innocent kindness and strength of spirit she sees inside. Not to mention his hulking muscles and storm-blue eyes.

But as Renee is opening herself to realize she deserves more than she ever hoped for, and Kai realizes life on land is great when he can spend it in sizzling moments with his mate, dark forces are circling. And if the Tourmaline dragon isn’t careful, he’s going to lose more than a chance at mating. Maybe even his life.

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