Gender Bender Bundle – FREE


Forbidden Futa Gender Swap Fetish Trans Taboo Erotica

A fun and frisky, great value box set containing three hot tales of gender-bending sexploration!!


When Derek dumps Nicole, the only person she can rely on to cheer her up is her best friend Briony.

But when Briony suggests a workout at her gym to help shift the blues, Nicole doesn’t know exactly what equipment they’ll be using. Finally, when Briony lets her best friend into a huge secret, Nicole is shocked by how much she likes the twisted revelation.


Beth is in a successful girl band with Lisa (the spoilt one) and Georgina (the sensible one). As they get changed backstage before the last show of their tour, Beth gets changed in more ways than one… Looks like the girl band might be getting a new ‘member’ – a hot and horny guy named ‘Ben’…

But how exactly does it feel to acquire a new ‘member’?

And will he be able to make the band ‘come’ together?


Alan is tired of being told to ‘man up’. Just because he’s overweight and a little lacking in self-esteem, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have wants and needs.

It’s just that, until he looks at some clothes in the spare room one day, he doesn’t realise quite what his ‘wants and needs’ really are… And which ‘older woman’ is going to be the one to finally show him…

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