Disciplined By Dad’s Best Friend – FREE


I want him in me..

But he is my dad’s best friend

Winona is not your typical twenty-three-year-old – the founder and creator of Scrub Loves, a successful owner of an online retail shop with an award-winning selection of all-natural, homemade cosmetics, Determined and eager to start a fresh chapter in her life, Winona applies for an apprenticeship at Channel 8 News. when she hears that her mentor would be none other than Spencer Flynn, the gorgeous news anchor and face of the renowned company itself, she is nothing short of ecstatic. Spencer had grown up with her father, and even though they’d crossed paths when she was younger, Winona doubted that she’d left much of an impression. Adamant on getting his attention this time around, the curvy young woman sets out to seduce the stunning older man, using every bit of coyness she possessed…

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