WereWolves On Heat – 99 CENTS


All 3 books from Ellie Valentina’s bestselling werewolf romance series in 1 sexy little bundle for the first time ever! Do not miss this awesome set of paranormal romance books!

Ava Sparks was a paranormal assassin tasked with eradicating werewolves from existence.

Her latest target was gorgeous billionaire Chase Elliot. Intelligence suggested he was hiding a secret life as a werewolf and because of that he was to be erased from existence.

However, once Ava became close to the charming Chase she made a stunning realization that changed everything.

Now, instead of killing the werewolf, she was to find herself making love to him and life as everyone knew it would never be the same again…

When Josephine Lancaster first caught a glimpse of the handsome, muscle bound Edward Jake Hunter she knew she would be unable to resist his charms.

A steamy night of passion between the two was inevitable and it was the best night of her life.

However, Edward was a man with many secrets.

Not only was Edward a werewolf but he was a werewolf on HEAT. And this meant one thing and one thing only.

Josephine would soon be carrying the werewolf’s baby…


Ranger Nick Greyson was a werewolf on heat.

When he caught the scent of 20 year old Sarah Benson he knew he had caught the scent of his fated mate. After all, the nose never lies.

However, Sarah’s scent made Nick so wild with desire that he did the one thing he knew he should have never done.

He bit her.

And now young Sarah is set to also become a werewolf on heat…

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