Howl At The Moon: MM Shifter Romance – FREE


Samuel Clefton was born a werewolf. But it doesn’t stop him from pursuing his career in football and finding love with his fellow Rockfort teammate, a human named Drew Marshall. They manage to keep their love life without incidence. But when Sam’s close friend, Cassius Michaels, survives a werewolf attack, Sam must share his secret.

Cassius Michaels discovers there is more lurking in the dark of Blanca Isle and feels the bite of the beast. But there is a full moon coming and soon he will find out what it’s like to share Sam’s secret. But will he share it as Sam did, with the man he loves?

There are more secrets and affairs of love among the mates of the Rockfort team and some not-so-secrets which this book shares.
Carson & Ian, Simon & Fabian, you’ll get to know them well. Be they human or werewolf, some secrets can eat a man alive if they aren’t shared with the world.

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