Daddy Bikers Box Set – FREE


These Hot Older Men Are The Outlaws You’ve Been Waiting For!

Book One: Daddy Biker
F*ck. I almost lost my kids that time. I can’t let it happen again. But now that the Boss Man’s daughter is helping me raise them, I’m in a world of trouble. I want to take her bad!

Book Two: Daddy Protector
As VP of the Pythons MC, Blade is in a world of trouble when he has to protect is best friend’s daughter from her abusive cop husband.

Book Three: Daddy Danger
He betrayed his MC. He betrayed his family. How do you know he won’t betray you?

Book Four: Ace
I want my revenge. Walker and his scumbags from Queens are responsible for her death, and I will not rest. And now that I can get my hands all over his virginal sister, revenge will be mine….

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