Buying The Virgin – 99 CENTS


A standalone alpha billionaire romance with a guaranteed HEA…


That’s what I’ll be, my virginity bought by notorious billionaire Travis Star.

I’ve only seen pictures of him on gossip sites and in business magazines, but in the flesh he’s tall and broad-shouldered, with a penetrating stare.

Hard muscles under his impeccable jacket, shirt, tie, and trousers. Dark green eyes, as cool as emeralds. Tan skin that he probably got from the exotic trips to his private island in the Bahamas. Thick, short, dark hair, and a dusting of rough scruff around lips that I can’t look away from.

He never smiles. His expression is always stoic, never giving anything away.

Even so, I can’t help the throbbing between my legs every time I think about what he has paid so dearly to do to me.

There’s no denying Travis Star is hot.

But his heart is cold.

He has demons.

The kind of demons that would drive a man to want to buy a woman.

And I’m about to find out the hard way just how dark those demons are…

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