Paranormal 4 Book Box Set – FREE

Get 4 books of hot PARANORMAL romance adventures in this exciting new collection

This collection contains bad boys, shifters, vampires, billionaires, mail order brides, highlanders, navy seals, and many more.

In this collection you will find:

A Vampire Love In Time

Abducted By The Alpha Alien

The Panther’s Lair

Rescued By The Alpha Wolf


“He was perfect. Dreadfully handsome like I always pictured he would be. I knew by his soft dark curls, his greenish-blue eyes, and that timeless face; He was the man from my dreams. The one I could never get to.”

After being shot in the head by a deranged teenager, Lucy Teagan gained the power to time travel. As she got older she began to have strange nightmares about a mysterious man. Then one day he pulls her to Victoria, London. Her adventure there will changed her life forever. Just when she thinks the worst is over, she meets him for the first time. Instantly, she knows he is the man from her dreams.

Harcourt Winfell is a vampire who knows all too well how dangerous time travel can be. He is the only one who can save her before her entire existence is completely erased. But every second she is near him, only makes him want to love her. Can he train her and get her back to her own time period before it’s too late? Or will his love and attraction to her seal her fate?

Rescued By The Alpha Wolf

This story is about a courageous young woman who survives a plane crash, only to be ambushed by a pack of wild bears, who are in reality a group of shapeshifters. She is saved by a wolf shapeshifter and taken back to his den to meet the rest of his pack. A power struggle ensues between the alpha wolf and the wolf shifter who rescued her and a fight breaks loose.

Erica fights for her life, and with the help of her rescuer, manages to fend off danger long enough to survive in this cold, harsh climate. Love and romance ensue amidst a backdrop of snowy wilderness. A plethora of sexual and romantic delights is promised as the reader is sure to be enticed. Anyone with an interest in love, the supernatural, or the wilderness is sure to fall in love with this intriguing, romantic tale.

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