Witches, Werebears, and Demons, Oh my!– Five books of thrilling paranormal romance waiting to enchant you!

Book One: Adam Blackburn
As a deputy beneath his sheriff father Adam Blackburn is used to protecting the town of White Rock Creek from everything from the intoxicated to the magical, that’s what the Ursine do after all, but when Brenda Collins, a human girl with no history, comes into town with her ballerina face and her fretful eyes he finds he can’t quite look away. When her past comes crashing down on her will he protect her despite his father’s warnings? Not even a prophecy of recreating the world in magic can stop him.

Book Two: Markus Blackburn
Markus Blackburn and Valeria Sanchez have been running hot and cold since they were teenagers, and it doesn’t look like it’s about to stop now. When a magical explosion in the town of White Rock Creek has the Huntress being reassigned to the area they can’t quite seem to keep their hands off of each other, though they keep pretending it’s all just for fun. When things go cold again and he goes rushing into the arms of a shape shifting woman will Val let her own stubborn streak keep her from seeing the truth of the matter?

Book Three: Robert Blackburn
Talking to the dead seems like a great idea until they just won’t shut up. Janice learned a long time ago that it’s not places that get haunted, it’s people. The necromancer is ready to end it all until Robert Blackburn, grade A hottie and bad boy rescues her, but he’s not doing it to be nice. All he wants from Janice is her help in bringing his vampire girlfriend back to life. But when, during a forced road trip, Janice becomes the target of a villainess’ schemes Robert is forced to keep her safe. When things turn hot and heavy between them will Robert admit his feelings? Then again, maybe she is just a tool for his own means, like she has been for everyone else.

Book Four: Dmitri Blackburn
Being a single mother of three is hard enough, but add in being a witch in a place where the land is slowly becoming more and more corrupted with tainted magic, and a son who shows the gift for witchcraft too? That’s a recipe this kitchen witch knows is going to end badly. When mysterious Blackburn brother Dmitri, son of one of the most powerful practitioners in all of Russia, offers his help how can she say no? What will she do with the unexpected chemistry between them? What about when her magically gifted son goes missing?

Book Five: Kyle Blackburn
Terry Miller put a stopper in her love life a long time ago, what else was she supposed to do when she found out that her kisses could kill? It doesn’t matter if Kyle Blackburn, nerdy and sweet, says that he’s willing to risk it, Terry knows her demon blood better than that. Kyle is a tasty treat and she just can’t give in. When the pair of them have to rescue the town, and possibly the world from Elenore, living bride to a god of destructive magic, will Terry find time to come to terms with who she is and what she feels?

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