Ride My Beard – 99 CENTS


My entire life I have been in love with one man.

Ryker Stone.

It doesn’t matter that he is more than double my age.

I don’t care about the whispers that say he’s too wild to ever be tamed.

I like that he’s reckless.

He makes me feel like I can be uninhibited.

Truth is I saved myself for him.

I belong to him.


I’ve had my eye on Lola for more years than I should admit.

Her beauty drew me in, but it was her innocence that trapped me.

I shouldn’t want to claim her, but she’s all I desire. So I stay close and make damn sure no one else touches her.

I’m all wrong for her, but too damn stupid and hard-up to stay away.

She can run, but I’ll follow.

By the time it’s all said and done she’ll be riding my beard.

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