FREE BOOK THIS WEEK: My Secret Girlfriends

Everyone loves a good scandal – especially when it involves the White House. But for once it’s not the president’s concubines that have the country talking. Instead, when the ‘presidential daughter’ finally discovers her sexuality AND that of the two tennis-star-friends, there is no limit to the controversy they will face. Ava White’s whole life has been lived in the public eye but this time she wants her world back. Why should she have to choose? On the one hand, the muscular, almost boyish Haley Adams had swept her away with her cocky smile almost instantaneously. On the other, best friend Leah Hall was irresistible with her shapely feminine curves and sensual demeanor. Will the young girls figure out the dynamic in time to save the relationship? Or was it all just a summer romance destined to blow over when they returned to school? There is only one way to find out…

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