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Ana’s social life has flat lined. When she spots a handsome man at her chiropractor’s office, she’s surprised when her heart suddenly feels like it’s been jump started. After multiple unsuccessful attempts at trying to engage him, Ana tells him about one of her cats getting poisoned.

Brody’s a busy executive who’s only focused on work. When the pretty woman at the chiropractor’s office tells him about her cat, his interest is piqued. He decides to take a day off to help Ana search for what effected her cat.

Brody learns, this isn’t your typical cat and her terrain isn’t a suburban back yard. Their adventure turns into much more than either of them ever expected.

Meet Author Anita Claire

Anita Claire

Personal Stuff — I met my husband swimming at Mountain View Masters. I used swimming in the morning as a back drop to meeting one of the love interests in my first book, Juliette. BTW, Zach is not my husband, though my husband is an engineer, college swimmer, and when I met him he swam in lane eight — the shark tank.

Work Stuff — I’ve spent many years working high-tech in Silicon Valley at both large companies and start-ups. This has given me plenty of war stories and a rich understanding of how things work in the valley. I use this as a back drop to my stories.

Family Stuff — I’m a mom of a wonderful teen age daughter. Coaching my daughter’s soccer team was the inspiration for the Princess series. I watched all these wonderful girls and imagined what they would be like in ten years. The Prince stories were inspired by all the single 30-somthings I know who are all working hard and still looking for that someone special.


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