Rancher Bears Complete Series Books (1-6) – 99 CENTS


The six bestselling books in the Rancher Bears Series in one box set!

Five Brothers. One Ranch. Six stories of true love.

Rancher Bear’s Baby – Her life is a country song, no job, cheating boyfriend, pregnant by a one-night stand. What else can go wrong?

Rancher Bear’s Mail Order Mate – He doesn’t want to find a mate, but what happens when his mate finds him?

Rancher Bear’s Surprise Package – When his search for a mate leads right back home.

Rancher Bear’s Secret – Can she convince his out of control bear that she’s just what he needs?

Rancher Bear’s Desire – He’s found his mate, too bad she works for his girlfriend.

Rancher Bears’ Merry Christmas – When the whole family comes together for an old-fashioned Christmas, a new family is born.

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