Dr. Single Dad’s Fake Marriage – 99 CENTS

I have a bit of a dirty little secret.

When my best friend introduced me to her handsome brother, it was lust at first sight.
I needed to have him, but what interest would he have in a plain jane like me?
When I found out he was fighting a custody battle for his daughter…
Well, my idea may have been a little crazy.

Pretending to be his girlfriend was like living in a dream. The only problem was, I didn’t want to wake up. Sure, I wanted to be sure he got custody of his daughter. My desires weren’t entirely pure, however. I wanted him for my own. With the way he looks at me, it seems like I’ll get my chance. It doesn’t have to be a fairy tale, I just want him to pretend, just for a night.

Except when he did, everything somehow went to hell. Funny how things work, right? As much as my body longs for him, I find my heart beginning to pine just as much. There’s no way it would work, and I should give up while I’m ahead. But if I quit pretending to be his girlfriend, there’s a chance he could lose his daughter. I’ll make this work, somehow, even if it means getting my heart broken in the end.

Like I said. I have a bit of a dirty little secret. But it’s not like things can get any worse, at this rate. Right?

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