Wylder – 99 CENTS


The Wylders have only one goal in life, avenging their murdered sister. But when they meet the woman they were meant to love, sometimes revenge isn’t the only thing that can change a man…

BEAR Wylder
I have lived for justice for eight years and now that I’m close to avenging my sister’s death, I won’t let anything stand in my way. Not my family, not my conscience and not a woman with eyes that make me want so much more than death and violence. Danny Bright comes to me as a gift and she’s everything a man could want. She’s smart and fearless and I want her. But I won’t love her, I can’t. I shouldn’t…

WOLF Wylder
I don’t know how to love. I lost the will to feel eight years ago and I haven’t cared about anything but revenge all this time. Until Lori Staneslavsky, an ex-stripper and the most gorgeous woman I have ever met fell into my life. She enthralled me and made me wish for more but I let her go once and I should just leave her be. But I can’t…

LYON Wylder
I walked away from the love of my life years ago and I thought I would never see her again until I was confronted by her almost lifeless body and the knowledge that I never stopped loving her. Leila Evans has owned me for eight years and she will until my last breath. I just have to convince her to take a chance on me and make me hers…

LYNX Wylder
I’ve lived eight years of my life as someone else. I ate, slept and lived the plans that my brother Bear made when he made us all promise to hunt down my sister’s killer. Now that we’re all free and I have a chance to live the life I’ve always wanted, I don’t see myself settling down or allowing a woman to rule the roost. At least that’s what I think until a tiny little woman barges into my life and turns order into chaos. I can’t escape Teeny Hughs. She’s my neighbour, a friend and possibly the sexiest woman I have ever met. I don’t’ want love but its seems love wants me…

HAWK Wylder
I watched Mika Evans fade away eight years ago. She was young and beautiful and my haven when my life was out of control. I never thought she would survive, never imagined that all those nights spent willing her to live was the start of a love I only had in my wildest dreams. She’s back, I have her, if I want her but it’s dangerous to love this much and harder to walk away when I need to…

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