After 10 years of neglecting her dreams, Aliya decides to go for it and moves to New York City to pursue her passion.

She grew up in a small city in the midwest where she worked in the bank that her mother manages. They were the only African American family in town, and while it was home, Aliya always wanted more. She’s a singer with a classic, sultry voice and a whole catalogue of standards that she loves to perform but quickly finds that her brand of classic jazz is outdated and overlooked in the city and the market for singers of her ilk is over-saturated. Broke and staying on her friend’s couch in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, she is determined but downtrodden. Would she prove her mother right and be a failure? Like Mama said, no one makes in New York City anymore. Best to keep a nice safe job in a place where people know you and your family. Enter Luca. After a chance meeting on a train, he tracks her down singing in a dingy bar with six audience members that barely notice she’s there. He’s wealthy and successful in his own right and has connections in the music business and is determined to show her to the world. After some inroads are made, Luca invites her to a party to celebrate but warns her that the parties can often get pretty hot and heavy. They are making a connection and she’s up for anything. At the party, he introduces her to his oldest friend, Alex. They’ve know each other since they were kids and like to share just about everything. Alex isn’t interested in anything serious, just a fun night or five. Luca has deeper feelings for Aliya, but isn’t worried about sharing her with Alex. Aliya is all about taking chances and this seems to be the ultimate good time. Will it be too much?

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