Imposter – 99 CENTS

I knew when I accepted the job that my life was never going to the same. I just didn’t realize how tangled up it would become with the one man I was supposed to avoid at all costs…

Ashley: Working for an eccentric boss in his mansion while I’m trying to finish college? It’s a piece of cake. But I never expected my new boss to be my best friend’s ex-fiancé—the one man who dumped her and left her hurt and broken. I’m prepared to hate him. I’m prepared to be cold to him.

What I’m not prepared for is a man who is the complete opposite of what I’d always expected.

He loves his daughter with all his heart.

He’s warm. He’s caring.

He’s sinfully sexy.

And he’s interested.

Suddenly things are not as easy as they seem—especially when a certain situation has us pretending to be a couple, and I’m no longer able to fight the temptation…

Scott: Personal assistants are supposed to be bland, no-nonsense nerds. They’re not supposed to be pretty, sweet ladies that distract you beyond your wits’ end.

My personal assistant is gorgeous. Efficient. Fierce.

And forbidden.

She’s my ex-fiance’s best friend. She’s too young for me. She’s a complication I don’t need.

Except she’s the one complication I can’t seem to resist…


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