Dragon Fever – 99 CENTS



Elisa Townes had always heard stories about WereDragons flying around Manhattan but she never expected to experience a dragon at first hand. However, this soon became a reality when she discovered an injured dragon on the roof terrace of her skyscraper penthouse

Taking the dragon inside to heal him, she was amazed to see the dragon shift into a handsome hunk of a man called Nash Gavin. It was clear that Nash was cocky in more ways than one and Elisa found him hard to resist.

With a naked WereDragon on her bed and no one else around, Elisa realized that her day was about to take an unexpected twist…

WereDragon Matthew LeMonde always knew his destiny was to find a mate when he least expected it and this was about to manifest itself in more ways than one.

When he met Adeen Cole there was an insane attraction that neither had ever felt before in their lives. The passion was intense and the sex was mind-blowing.

It seemed that Matthew had finally met the mate he was looking for however everything changed the moment that Adeen finally revealed who and what she really was….

When Jillian Dawson moved to Manhattan for work, she was excited about the possibilities a new life on the East coast would bring for her.

Little did she know, her boss would be the handsome Gregory Weller. A powerful CEO with a secret life as a WereDragon.

Jillian would soon find out that Gregory always got what he wanted and right now he wanted her, in every way possible.

It was only a matter of time before Jillian’s resistance would be broken and she would give in to the dragon’s desires.

However, what happened next was something that nobody could have ever seen coming…

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