Bad Boy Cowboy – 99 CENTS


White Bluff, Montana is always going to be home, Vanessa knows, despite the fact that she has no desire to go into the family business at the Lazy J Ranch. Instead, fresh out of college with a degree in Art History, she hopes to open an art gallery featuring works from artists in the area, although she’ll need to be creative if she wants to come up with a way to fund the venture.

The longer she remains at home, however, the more opportunity she has to run into Trethan, her high school sweetheart, who now works for her father at the Lazy J. She can’t deny that she’s still attracted to the man, but there’s a lot of unresolved tension between the two of them stemming back to an unhappy night shortly before Vanessa left for college.

Can she find it in herself to give Trethan a second chance? Or are the two of them better off apart?

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