Lubanov. Spirova. Armanev and Gregorovitch. The four noble werewolf families. Names that carry weight. To bear such a name is to be the pinnacle of their hidden world. Their stories interweave with one another. It starts when Tia, a normal human female, is almost chosen as a werewolf’s dinner, but ends up entwining her fate with one of the last survivors of the Lubanov clan. It goes to Arina, a child caught between two worlds, who has seen the savagery of the werewolves first hand, but also longs in her heart for the one who saved her. She’s also a cop, living it up in North Dakota. Others make themselves known, as the small dynamics of the werewolf world unfurl…

As you read through the Shifters of the Bulgarian Bloodline series, you’ll end up following the lives of select werewolves, part of a group of ancient noble clans in Bulgaria, focused in the Rila and Perrin mountains, as well as some dabbling in North Dakota. (There’s Canada somewhere, too.) Love and lust rage with death, blood and primal fury, as the human females, and maybe the odd and rare female werewolf, deal with the conflicting emotions and lives of the Bulgarian werewolves.

Book 1: Tia’s Mate
Book 2: Arina’s Mate
Book 3: Frey’s Mate
Book 4: Luelle’s Mate
Book 5: Rose’s Mate
Book 6: Isabelle’s Mate
Book 7: Ordri’s Mate

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