Dark Star (Celestial Seductions Book 2) – FREE


Wealthy, charming and devastatingly-handsome, bad boy Hunter Cavendish is a first class player who lives up to his name. Cool, detached and singularly independent, he’s got no time for love—but plenty of time to pursue a revolving door of voracious lovers.

On the hunt for his latest conquest in a seedy nightclub one late-summer evening, Hunter spies a man watching him. Not just any man—stunningly-sexy, aloof and mysterious—the man, who calls himself Orion, sends a jolt through his body that he’s never even come close to experiencing before.

After that strange and enchanting night, Hunter becomes obsessed by Orion, who haunts his dreams and lives in his thoughts. There’s something strange and unearthly about Orion, but by the time Hunter starts to put the pieces together, his heart is no longer his. And when Hunter starts experiencing a strange sickness and his body begins to change right before his very eyes, he starts to wonder just where this is going, and where it will end up.

A tale of love and intrigue that spans time, space and the depths of the heart.

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