Cocky Jock – FREE


Cocky jock meets bashful bookworm for a touchdown that’s got nothing to do with football.

Carson Dale has it all figured out. Quiet, smart, and borderline nerdy, the nineteen-year-old Biochemistry major from Nowheresville is ready to hunker down, earn his degree and finally start living the life he’s always dreamed of as a Forensic Scientist in the big city.

There’s just one major area of his existence that he hasn’t exactly put much thought into—his love life.

And when Beau Jericho—loud, lighthearted and straight-up gorgeous—crashes into his life with the force of a football tackle, he finds himself staring straight into that empty void and wondering whom the right person really is to fill it.

Could a painfully sexy cocky jock ever make a play for a shy and studious bookworm, or is Carson Dale truly out of his league?

Answers sometimes don’t come easily, but that doesn’t mean that getting to the endgame can’t include a few touchdowns.

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