STIFF (Ten Book Box Set) – 99 CENTS


***Warning: STIFF contains ten volumes full of sexy billionaires, controlling alpha males, steamy sex, and passionate romance from today’s top romance authors.***

Wicked Professor by Paige North

Over his desk. That’s how he wants me…

It was supposed to be a one-night stand.

One night with some guy I picked up at a bar. Totally unlike me, but a girl’s got to have some fun, right?

He was hot as hell, all broad shoulders and brooding stares. He whispered dirty words when he took me back to his house and made me his.

I thought I’d never see him again, so I told him some lie about how I was an office manager instead of a college student.

And then I got to class the next day and found out he’s my professor.

My professor was the hot guy who’d given me the best orgasm of my life.

I try to pretend nothing happened, even though I’m dying inside.

But then he tells me to come to his office.

He tells me to bend over his desk, because that’s how he likes it…

If anyone finds out, he’ll lose his job. And I’ll lose my reputation.

But before that happens, he’s determined to teach me everything I need to know. About pleasing him. Submitting to him. Letting him take what’s his…

Even if it ends up costing us everything.

Rough Hand by Olivia Chase

A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA from bestselling author Olivia Chase…


I’m no good for her. And she’s probably no good for me, either.

But hell if I don’t find myself wanting her right now. My c*ck is slamming against my zipper at the thought of thrusting my tongue in her mouth, swallowing her moans…

She’s so pure that I can almost see the glow of white around her. I’m too wicked, too dirty to touch her.

But there’s something about the way I can feel her emotions pouring from her, like she’s a broken dam spilling over, that makes my chest tight.
I can’t let her break me apart, not when I’ve worked so hard, so long, to keep myself glued together. To be strong and impenetrable.

No, I’ll just keep my distance. Surely that won’t be a problem. Even if she does live right across the street from my shop.


I’ve never had this feeling before, this burning need to be around someone as much as I can. When we touch, I want to keep on touching.

When he’s inside me, our limbs tangled together, our sweat-slicked bodies connected in the most intimate way possible, I feel like I’ve found my other half.

He’s so scared to open up to anyone. So scared to dig into the things that hurt him in his past. I just want to help him be happy. If only he’d drop all his walls and talk to me, he could let it go and move on.

Will I ever be happy with Levi? Right or wrong, I need more.

Jackson by Paige North

Meet the Croft brothers. Filthy rich, devastatingly handsome, and sexy as all hell…


I don’t do slow and easy.

I do fast and hard.

I don’t do dates. I do … arrangements.

I don’t do romance, love, flowers, hearts, candy, and I sure as hell don’t do marriage.

Until my father dies, and decides to leave his company to the first one of his sons to get married.

Croft International.

The business that’s supposed to be mine.

But I didn’t get to be where I am by giving up. I’ll just find a wife. How hard can it be?

Until Emily walks into my office, all spitfire and passion, her curves encased in a dress that makes me c*ck throb.

I tell myself I’m just using her.

I tell myself it’s just business.

So what if she doesn’t know that’s what I’m doing? All I have to do is convince her to marry me.

But with each moment that passes—each look, each touch, each word out of Emily’s perfect lips—I wonder how I’ll ever survive being tempted by her…

STIFF contains these stories and more…ten romances from today’s top authors, guaranteed to leave you breathless!

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