Could my perfect guy be the one I’ve walked by everyday?
Dating and me go together like ham and vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t matter who I swipe right on or how I mingle, every man I meet is garbage. How can such a big city be full of such pricks?
Just when I think it can’t get worse, one of my bad dates stalks me to my high rise apartment. He’d have gotten to me—hurt me—if my door man hadn’t stopped him.
Who is this guy? Has he always been so tough?
And so… sexy?
I never noticed it until now, but he’s tastier than pancakes on a Sunday morning. Except good looks and chivalry do not a boyfriend make. Plus, if things go south like they always do, I’ll have to walk by him every single day. I’m not moving– rent in this city is outlandish.
So I swear I won’t get too close.
Then we match online.
Then he sexts me.
Then I see just what he’s packing in those trousers.
Have a guess how this ends? Spoilers: I 100% end up in his bed.

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