I Despise You – FREE


Michelle Stevens
Focused, smart and undervalued. It’s like people can’t imagine beauty and brains existing together. I’m not saying I’m the most gorgeous thing in the world, but I’ve never had a problem getting dates- or anything else I want for that matter. Life can be tough, but I know I can be tougher. That is, until I met Tasha. With her tan skin and short brown hair, she came into my life like an unwelcome pest. I don’t have time clean up her messes-including her younger brother William. There’s something about her though, lucky for me, I don’t have any interest in finding out what that is.

Tasha Hoyer
Everything was going fine until my younger brother, William got me wrapped up in another mess, this time it involved blonde and brazen, Michelle. William sure chose the wrong couch to crash on, she’s making a mess of my life but somehow I can’t get her out of my head. She’s off-limits and has made that very clear, but I’m a paralegal after all and can be very persuasive…

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