Deceit: Desert Reapers MC – 99 CENTS


She loves animals, but she’s never met a beast like me.

She’s the kind of girl who shouldn’t get mixed up with someone like me.
But that was before I claimed her. Before I f*cked her until she was raw.
She had no choice when she stepped into my world.
And now this monster won’t let her go.

She was in her last year in vet school when she met me.
Good girls like her don’t fall for a monster like me.

But she didn’t fall for me.
I took her.

Now she’s in a world of trouble.
She’s about to learn what it’s like to be someone’s favorite possession.

Each time I put my hands on her.
Each time I pull her body into mine.
Each time I make her moan.
Make her tremble. Make her scream.

I’ll make sure she won’t forget that she’s mine.

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