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Enjoy 3 yummy and steamy mixed threesome romance short stories + 25 FREE bonus romance short stories INCLUDED!

The Firefighter’s Secret –Threesome MFM Firefighter Romance

When Angela is given a cat by her well-meaning parents she falls instantly in love with it but the cat isn’t your average house pet and inadvertently takes on the role of Cupid.

Within a week Angela becomes acquainted with two very stunning and very different local firefighters thanks to her cat’s attraction to heights. She begins very passionate affairs, with both of them.

Finn is the ultimate playboy, wild and hedonistic, while John is serious and calm. One has a secret, and the other has commitment issues but does she really need to choose between the pair?

Things get complicated as their lives entwine but for the first time in a long while she is happy and it isn’t until the cat pulls yet another crazy stunt that she gets to know what the big secret is and how it will change her life forever.

The Mirror Cracked –Threesome FFM Fantasy Romance

For most of us a broken mirror means seven years of bad luck. For Anna Callainte, a young actress with a big break and a career as bright as the new director she signed with, an old, decrepit broken mirror was just an ugly prop for the film – until she gazed into its myriad of splinters.

The mirror draws her into the legendary and almost forgotten world of Camelot, where a valiant knight rescues and then pledges to defend her, and a beautiful witch happily seduces her.

Anna knows that it is all a trick. It is a Hollywood game that her director is using to test her acting chops. And so Anna plays the medieval game, laughing and loving and working for the hidden cameras.

Until she is forced to face a legend who wants nothing less than the blood of her companion’s living, beating hearts. That is when Anna must look into – The Mirror Cracked.

Chasing their Biker –Threesome MFM Vampire and Biker Romance

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time has its advantages. Of course, if you’re stalking your prey when he gets hit by a car you cannot help being present. Louisa could have walked away but something about Jake and his broken body touched her barely beating heart and she saved him. Having lived a solitary life she secretly craved human interaction but Jake was no longer human.

One taste was all it took to become hooked on Ben. For Louisa, he was an awakening that was long overdue and for Jake, he was like fine dining at a burger bar with a side of beer. Being a vampire had never been so delicious.

Nothing that good can last forever; Louisa had already been taught that lesson and things were about to get a little more dangerous.

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