Bachelors In Love – 99 CENTS


Love second chance, bad boy, and military romance stories? This book featuring three hot and sexy bachelors is for you. Beautiful, steamy scenes ahead. You’ve been warned! 🙂

Book 1: Elijah
As an emergency room surgeon, Tia has to have nerves of steel. Nothing has ever shaken her up the way it did to see Elijah Bird laying on the operating table. She’d loved Elijah from afar for almost all her life. And now his life is in her hands.

Elijah Bird couldn’t believe he was injured yet again. As a star quarterback in the NFL, activity was vital to who he was. After being hit by a car, he was staring down the barrel of yet another six weeks of recovery. It was a good thing the surgeon who saved his life was so dang hot. Eli was famous for two things, his panty dropping smile and his success with women. Unfortunately, the woman of his dreams seems immune to both…

Book 2: Jay
Jay and Mari had met ten years before, on a fated night that found them both trapped in a hurricane. Strangers then, they had to come together to survive. Because of a horrible accident, they never got to say goodbye to one another; they had no way of finding the other. But the connection they felt that night changed each of them forever.

Now, five years later, Jay believes he’s finally tracked down Mari. All he has to do is knock on her door.

Book 3: Marcus
Marcus is an FBI agent who has been on the tail of one faction of the mob for years. Iris, sweet, shy and immensely talented, is the songwriter for and twin sister of Owen Wolfgang, superstar and household name. When her impulsive brother gets himself wrapped up with the wrong people, Iris is the one who has to pay. She finds herself kidnapped and roped to a chair, staring into the eyes of a notorious mobster, when the FBI swoops in just in the nick of time.

Now, her superstar brother is missing and Iris has to work with Marcus to be able to find him and bring down the people who kidnapped her.

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