Nasty: Curvy Girls & Alpha Mind Readers – 99 CENTS

Nasty is full of alphas who take. He’s the ultimate fantasy man. He knows what you want.
Beware: Anyone upset by strong sexual content, blunt words, alpha dominance and fast love with consequences should not read this book. This book is for women and discerning mature men over 18. Nasty isn’t suited to readers seeking slow-build, traditional romance.

Experience the hard, possessive arms of a tattooed blue collar mechanic, a secret hitman, a billionaire crime fighter, a Caribbean pirate captain, and a sheik who can afford to buy you. 😉

This collection of hot alpha love short reads begins with Towed, a novelette with a streak of darkness. Don’t worry. All my heroines get a soft landing. 🙂
Untouched Vee’s out for a good time. What she gets is a scary-hot bad boy with trouble written all over him. And he’s been eying her curves for longer than she realizes.
The tow truck driver headed to his truck, he was that confident. I watched his broad shoulders and high, firm ass. Oh, wow. He had my complete attention. I followed him to the passenger door. He opened it.
“How about I give you a boost?”
I looked at the distance to the seat. I was short.
“Um, okay.” All my mom’s warnings about strange men ran through my mind. There were a lot of them.
The man grabbed my hips and lifted me to the running board.
I gasped. I’d never been lifted like that. It felt wonderful, except it was over too soon. I wanted it to go on and on like a carnival ride. If I jumped back down, would he do it again, or think I was crazy? I blushed to my roots. Keeping my face averted, I climbed onto the seat. He closed the door.
His smile looked possessive. I had to be imagining that.

Nasty contains high-heat instalove romances, two novellas and three novelettes. Four of the big, beautiful heroines are untouched. All of the heroes are tough and tender. Each romance is a standalone with HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger.
There are brief previews of two of my other books for you in this edition.
Adventurous readers, let’s get in trouble.

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