All Books Can Be Read as Stand Alones With an HEA

Follow seven princesses who will inevitably find love in the dragons that live in the Wilderness, beyond their homes. Princesses who end up captured one way or another, but find their way to better lives.

Book one:
Princess Marea is unmarried at thirty. It doesn’t make her popular with her family, but she’s never liked the princes she’s been introduced to. However, she’s in for a rather big surprise, for the dragon Kazak has his eyes set upon her. He plans to take her for his own, one way or another. To snatch her right from her family. And she doesn’t know he’s in disguise…

Book two:
Princess Esmer is an odd one, and not the most princelesslike woman around. She’s never wanted to marry a prince. She does, however, want to be captured by a dragon. Her mother wants her to do her boring princess duties – but when she sees the dragon known as Gerran attacking their city, she seizes an opportunity.
And she gets the dragon to take her – much to his confusion at a princess wishing for it.

Book three:
Princess Ruelle was taken by the Dark Clans. She expected something horrible like this to happen, thanks to the evil fairy Godmother’s curse – so she had been training all her life to fight.
Kerric, hired to be a bodyguard to the Dark Clan slavers, is impressed by her fighting prowess, when she attempts to escape from the auction. He believes she’s the one he’s been looking for. She has to be…

Book four:
Princess Xanthia didn’t enjoy being captured. At all. Some dragons like hoarding, and Mokkan was no exception – he chose to hoard princesses. And those princesses loved giving Xanthia the worst chores possible.
Inevitably, Mokkan is beaten. The princesses are now saved, and can finally go home. Except… Mokkan was kind, to Xanthia, in his own way. Kind enough to make her want to stay back, and pay him back in kind. Just until he gets back on his feet. That’s all.

Book five:
Princess Jackie was once captive of the dragon known as Mokkan. Upon his defeat, she’s finally free… except that her rescuers are complete morons. Sure enough, because they’re incapable of listening to advice, they all go and get themselves wrecked by the Swamp of Illusion. Soon, she’s alone, aside from another princess who does little else but whine.
Durza the dragon is seeking ingredients for potions, when he stumbles across Jackie. He’s a little surprised to see two princesses stuck here – but certainly won’t say no to having one around…

Book six:
Princess Lystra comes from a kingdom that routinely sacrifices its princesses to dragons upon their eighteenth birthday. It’s a good deal for both sides. The dragon that comes to fetch her, Tarek, is merely the escort. He doesn’t expect to keep her.
Except, when she gets offended that he won’t even consider fighting for her, he grins, and accepts her challenge… and upon discovering one of his stranger habits, Lystra’s fairly certain she’s going to regret goading him.
If he wins.

Book seven:
Princess Faye comes from an era long past. Before her kingdom got overrun by dragons. Unfrozen from the witch that trapped her in ice for so long, she chooses to also save an imprisoned dragon. He’s lost his soul, though – and he doesn’t plan to stay away from it for long. That’s fine for Faye. There’s people she wants to save still trapped in the ice. People from her time. Perhaps Aizen can help her with that…

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