Romance: Rough Tough & Tender – FREE


The Fear
Sometimes love happens when you are busy making other plans.
Karen is a beautiful woman that always seems to have the worst luck with men. Her latest boyfriend was an abusive self centered jerk who still lived in an era when women served men. Dealing with all these issues has exhausted Karen so much that she wanted to escape everything. She takes up a job to assist a troubled man who previously had a small business of his own. He is now broken and wants to end his life but Karen proves to be his savior who and strives to show him that life is worth living. They both know that they can’t stay with each other, but they fall in love. Kevin begins to see that life is indeed good, but Karen wonders whether they really are good enough for each other. Love isn’t enough to survive and Karen knows it better than anyone.
The Bad Boy Fake Fiancee
Jack Carson is at the top of his career. One of the best players in the league, he’s about to lose it all due to his attitude. Between his selfish, self-serving ways, his constant partying, and the fact that he’s linked to a different woman every day, he’s reached the end of the NFL’s patience with him. His contract is coming to a close, and no one is showing any interest. His manager concocts a plan: cut down on the parties, settle down with a nice girl, maybe pop out a kid.
In walks Willow, the complete opposite of everything that Jack has ever sought in a woman. But will she be able to make him want to change for her? And will it be enough to save his career, or too little too late?

Deep Impact

Play-maker by day. Trouble-maker by night. Finally ready to settle down?

Tiffany Applegate just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to men. You won’t believe what her now ex-boyfriend asked her to do before breaking up with her. She found herself being pulled back in in a major way. In walks in Star athlete John Mackey who has found himself in major trouble with the law, teammates, and women. Tiffany may be the one that can save him and his career from complete destruction. Tiffany and John find themselves getting into a bit more than just attorney/client privilege. But first it is to be seen whether John has fumbled his life away or if he will be able to recover.

A billionaire fake fiancee

Neal is a rich playboy, set on working hard by day and partying hard by night. When a very public stunt lands him in the paper yet again, his parents give him a choice: Find someone and fall in love quickly or you are getting cut off everything. I don’t even care if it’s fake or arrange but get it done quickly. In walks Lisa: intelligent, beautiful and a little bit of a firecracker. The perfect woman for forever, but never someone that Neal would choose for right now. The two of them enter into a contract that puts them in close quarters, with nowhere for Neal to run from what he’s beginning to feel. But when Neal’s past comes back to bite him, will the feelings that they’ve formed over their time together be enough to carry them through?

Breaking Bad

Leann Ford has everything a women can dream of: An amazing family, dream job in her family business, and boyfriend that loves her. Things were getting very serious between Ryan and Leann that she expected him to pop the question any day. Who knew a smile and a few flirtatious comments coming from her old roommate Susan would change her world forever. Susan moves to her hometown and stays with her while trying to get her life together. Things begin to turn and Leann finds herself being pushed out of her own life. Her job, family, and man become a question mark after some lies and deceit threaten to cost her everything she holds dear; perhaps even her life. Will she be able to hang on to all that she holds dear in life or lose in all to a friend who is determined to have her life, and her man.

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