Hold on tight and don’t let go — five books of motorcycle club romances are roaring down the road, headed straight toward you!

Book One:
Everyone’s running from something. That’s why Ace Black is so thankful for the rest of the guys in Horizon MC. A man couldn’t ask for better friends to help lose the past on the open road, the roar of their motorcycles drowning out everything else. But when Katie Kelley wanders in to the MC bar, though, Ace is dazzled. He already has a reputation as a ladykiller, but Katie seems likely to kill him. She’s gorgeous, and Ace just can’t figure her out. When he finally realizes the truth, that she’s a ghost from his past, it’s already too late. He’s already in love.

Book Two:
Chuck Rogers is jealous, sometimes, of people with memory loss — like his friend, Jack, founder of Horizon MC. Chuck wishes he could forget some of the terrible things that have happened to him and the people he loved. If he could forget, he could move on. Find someone to be happy with, like Haley Greer, who would probably balk if she knew just how broken he was on the inside. But when it becomes clear that Haley isn’t exactly who she says she is, and Chuck’s past comes rushing to meet his present, not even memory loss could save him from himself and the tragedies that define his life.

Book Three:
Sloan Norris guesses everyone has secrets, but none of his Horizon MC buddies have ever asked him to talk about his, especially those he collected as a Navy SEAL. But when Amy Ovalle, a writer eager to break into the world of publishing, worms her way into Sloan’s heart, he doesn’t see a way out of revealing the monster he truly believes himself to be. Some secrets are never left behind. And those are the ones that will swallow Sloan whole.

Book Four:
Brody Rockland never thought he would almost literally run into his soulmate, but that’s how it happened between him and Nadine Kimble. Their whirlwind romance painted the world in different colors, and Brody knew it went beyond Nadine’s considerable talents as a photographer. They fit together like no one he’d ever known. But will Nadine let love help her surmount the things that hurt her over the course of her life, or will Brody become just another sad memory, left heartbroken in her wake?

Book Five:
Even if Jack Ryder didn’t have any memories from before an injury he suffered as an Army Ranger, he had ways of coping. There was Horizon MC, for one, and the best buddies a guy could have. And there was Rio Seco, a town on the rise, and Jack was doing good work to help it. But when Jack’s nightmares reach a crescendo and he returns to his hometown, he never anticipated running into Cheyenne Knight, his high school sweetheart, a beautiful woman he has no memory of. And Jack definitely didn’t anticipate that falling in love with her again would call everything into question, even the person he thought he was.

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