The Kings of Valden Series – FREE


Thanks to my smart mouth, I just got fired from another job. It’s fine—I hated all those jobs anyway. There was never any adventure, any wit, any courage.

But when a letter slips under my door from a mysterious Olivia Rose—who claims she’s my mother—my life changes in an instant.

“If you’re reading this letter, I’m already dead. They’re coming after you.”

I asked for adventure? Here it is.

To find some answers, it looks like I’m going to have to do some sleuthing amongst the city’s most powerful billionaires: the Kings of Valden.

Nolan Lewis: Valden’s ace attorney, with rippling muscles and a sharp jaw (and a tongue to match).

Michael Bell: the quintessential playboy with a filthy grin and a rock-hard body.

William Powell: a “man of the people” with piercing green eyes and the strongest, warmest hands I’ve ever felt.

Alexander Morel: the gorgeous model with clear blue eyes that would wet any girl’s panties.

As I get up-close and intimate with each sexy billionaire, I quickly learn that I’m in much more danger than I thought. Wit and seduction can only get me so far before the bad guys catch up… will I uncover the truth and claim my birthright?

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