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Jasmine has been married to Elliot Brookfield since she was 18 years old. He was never the one she wanted, but that didn’t matter in the south she grew up in. The last few years have been a challenge though, and she’s suffered from Elliot’s harsh and oftentimes cruel words. Now, that marriage is on its way out the door and Jasmine is on the brink of a fresh start. But when Elliot fires his divorce attorney and hires another, she begins to worry. Because while Elliot might be the only man she’s ever been with, he’s not the only man she’s ever thought of.
Liam is the youngest of the Brookfield brothers. He’s a bit of a maverick in his conservative Southern family. Even as a lawyer, he’s managed to live a life in defiance of people’s expectations, and his decisions have consistently left him at odds with those closest to him, particularly Elliot. Complicating things is his past with Jasmine—fourteen years ago, on the night of her engagement to his brother, he and Jasmine discovered one another on a private beach, and the time since has been filled with pretending that night never happened.
The cut and dry divorce Jasmine had hoped for quickly begins to seem like it’s not going to be as easy as she first thought. But will Jasmine find a way to defy what’s expected of her and finally indulge some of the desires she’s long hidden away?

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