Ford Security – 99 CENTS


Dive into this sexy five-book series that follows five security professionals in their quest for both justice and unexpected romance. With over 250,000 words, the sexy and mysterious men of Ford Security are bound to keep you up well into the night…

Summer Smart’s on the verge of losing the only person she has left in her life, her older sister Taylor. After watching helplessly as strangers drag her sister away, she’s forced to entrust the help of Chase Carter and blindly follows him as he quickly takes charge of the situation.

Chase is a seasoned pro who’s always made it his mission to make sure he avoids mixing business with pleasure but there’s something about the beautiful and vulnerable Summer that he can’t quite ignore. Summer has always been content to be on her own but when she finds herself needing Chase more than ever before, she quickly begins to learn that all is not fair in love and war.

The last place Ella Gold wants to return to is high school, especially because she’s been receiving threatening letters in the mail recently and all signs point to the sender being someone from her past. As the letters become increasingly ominous, she enlists the help of Ford Security agent, Luke King.

Luke King can be a bit of a jokester but when it comes to work, he’s all business. So, when he shows up to Ella’s house, he’s ready to get to the bottom of things. Unfortunately for Luke, this case isn’t as clear-cut as he’s used to and the more he learns about Ella, the more he learns that somebody might be lying to him…

Zane Richards has just returned from the Caribbean after a lengthy stay, where he and his brother had escaped after a case went wrong. Now he’s back and ready to get back into the swing of things but an ordinary day turns into anything but when he decides to let the Ford Security office assistant tag along with him for the day…

Anna Lewis is mostly content with her job manning the front desk and briefing clients, but sometimes she finds herself yearning for a little bit of an adventure. When boredom gets the best of her, she talks Zane into allowing her to spend the day with him in the field. But this ordinary day quickly takes a dangerous turn and she finds herself on the run from some very dangerous people.

Lola Grimm is a dead women walking, or at least that’s what she wants the world to believe. Both her and her father, Seth Grimm are supposed to be dead, but they’ve been hiding out in the Hollywood Hills waiting for the perfect opportunity to emerge back into the world with the intention of reinstalling Seth to the throne of the underworld empire he built from the ground.

Dominic Ford thought he had lost everything in this world. For the past ten years, he’s been torn between an internal battle raging within his soul, pulling him between the axis of both good and evil, and it was all in an effort to save his sister who was taken away from him by the corrupt and powerful Seth Grimm.

Katie Strong has more in common with Dominic than he could ever know. Eight years ago, her brother was taken away from her by the same man that took Dominic’s sister and when all hope seems to be lost, she discovers there’s one person in the world who might know the whereabouts of not only her brother but Dominic’s sister as well.

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