Bearly Deniable – FREE

When Sylvia Redding inherits a cottage in Alaska from her great aunt, she takes a summer off work to decide what she wants to do. She takes this trip with only one option in mind- to sell the property for however much she can get. Sylvia has a comfortable enough life in Maine, and she doesn’t want to give it up. As soon as she steps off the plane she visits a realtor agency, willing to take any price for the house no matter how small.

However, Sylvia wasn’t planning on meeting Ryan Weller, the drop dead sexy bar man that tends the only social house in town. There’s an instant attraction, and soon she finds herself wondering if she wants more than just a ‘comfortable’ existence.

Ryan Weller has lived in Alaska his entire life, but not for the hunting heads that so nicely decorated his bar. He’s a bear shifter, and this town too small to really be a town is his territory. Everyone knows him, and he knows everyone. The striking natural blonde that strolls into his establishment seemingly out of the blue instantly brings out the animal in him. He has to have her; there are no ‘if’s, ‘and’s, or ‘but’s about it.

But will Sylvia even want to stay in Ryan’s rustic home town where the internet crawled slower than a snail? When the summer ends, will their brief, intense affair be enough of a promise to keep her?

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