An Earl and a Wedding – FREE


After a disastrous first encounter with the Earl of Collingford, will Lady Virginia ever win his heart?

England 1818
When Lady Virginia Croft is invited to her cousin’s wedding, she isn’t looking for love. Her heart is broken from a tragic past, and she is just coming out of mourning. However, she would do anything for her dear cousin, Lady Jane.

Arriving at the Duke of Carvingham’s estate for the wedding, Lady Virginia has a disastrous first encounter with the Duke’s heir, the Earl of Collingford. He finds her annoying and childish, and she finds him rude and bad-tempered.

Events conspire to bring Lady Virginia and Lord Collingford together, but will he be able to break with tradition and follow his heart? Will Lady Virginia see through his façade?

If you love clean, romantic tales of love from the Regency-era, you’ll love An Earl and a Wedding.

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