The Billionaires Blind Date 4 Book Box Set – 99 Cents

The Billionaires Blind Date 4 Book Box Set

Blind Date:
Newly divorced, new-to-town Dana Miller goes on a date with a guy she meets on the internet. She is not looking for love. She is looking for a playmate who will play the male role of every fantasy she’s had for the length of her loveless marriage.

So when she meets Jeff Edgarian, a boyishly good-looking man with a wicked sense of humor she isn’t expecting anything more. As they sit down to a casual lunch in the wealthy part of town, they learn that they both have secrets that could change their game plans in ways that are not easy to absorb. She needs physical attention in the hottest possible way, and he has a place on Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world.

Despite their personal truths, Dana and Jeff know for certain that they have a rare and addictive physical chemistry. And when they’re together, they are two people setting their bed ablaze with once-in-a-life time heat. They have something that his money can’t buy and her broken heart can’t deny. Will they keep telling themselves that’s all they ever want?

The Party:
Julia Hannaver is young, intelligent, and pretty. She has a good job, a nice apartment and exciting hobbies but somehow her life remains empty.
The last thing she expected while attending her friend’s stag party in Vegas was to meet Travis, the tall, muscular, handsome stranger who would introduce her to pleasures she never knew were possible, and change her life forever.
Travis had the bad boy look that women always fell for. He was an experienced man. He didn’t understand that when he took Julia home for a night of pleasure it would alter his world irrevocably.

Lilah Jones has always been in love with her childhood friend, James Brody – and at adulthood, she finally decided to take love by the reins and seduce the socks off the gorgeous man. With no training in hand and only a handy book to help her out, Lilah starts off with seduction – only instead of seducing her childhood love, she ends up seducing the bane of her childhood existence! If only he didn’t kiss that good, things would be easier.
Finn Brody is your typical bad boy – restless, reckless and a magnet to womankind. With his irresistible charm and his dangerous looks, he can just about get any woman he wants – except the one who seduced him in darkness, aka his almost-sister. To spare her the humiliation of her weird seduction moves, he enlists to help her out instead – with cooking, clothes, flirting…and perhaps a kiss here and there.
After all, what harm could a few hot, smoldering kisses do?

Three Billionaires And A Lady:
Christine Solomen never thought that going as a wing man for her best friend to some ritzy club would change her life forever. Totally adamant that she didn’t need a man to complete her or treat her to the niceties in life, she never factored in how meeting the sinfully handsome Curtis Hanson would change her mind.
It’s been years since Curtis was intrigued by a woman. Somehow the stunning blonde sitting by herself on the chaise lounge in the corner took his breath away. He had to have her. At any price.

Attraction flares between Curtis and Christine right from the start. He convinces her to spend a night with him. He tantalizes her with an offer she can’t refuse. He leaves out one part. The fact that his friends are going to be joining in.
It’s a night that will change her life forever.


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