The Rancher’s Mail Order Bride: Western Sweet Romance – FREE


Rhonda Dandleton is a beautiful young reporter from Georgia who is sent out west to investigate a man who has been writing to a woman from her town.The man in question is supposedly a wealthy rancher who turns out to be a handsome, poor man who cannot read or write.

When Rhonda investigates the man and finds out the truth, she learns that there is more to the man than meets the eye. The man, she finds out, is decent, kind and only wants to find love.

Deciding to teach the man to read and write, Rhonda sets out on a task that soon consumers her heart. She begins to realize that the man who, at first, was marked as a fraud, was now taking over her heart. And when a cruel rancher shows up with threats and anger, Rhonda knows that the man she is falling in love with needs her as much she needs him. They struggle to uncover a hidden gold mine and find themselves trapped with no way out except faith.

Will Rhonda survive a path full of heartbreak, danger, anger, and pain? Or will she overcome and walk out of a dark mine into a new light full of love and hope that takes her into the arms of the man she loves?

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