The Marshall – FREE


My name is Trysta, and I don’t fall in love with anyone.
I’m not sure what drew me to her. It could have been her gaze- the way the light from the water played on her face. Maybe it was because she was a Federal Marshal- protector, and I was aimlessly wandering, craving to be safe. Whatever it was, Dana “did it” for me. I can’t get images of her out of my mind- her with her Ruby-Rose hairstyle and bright green eyes, dressed in her Marshal’s uniform.

My name is Trysta- and no one has ever felt so forbidden to me. Why? We come from two different worlds. With my blonde hair and green eyes and bohemian, artist lifestyle, I have had to earn everything in my life. Dana is privileged, with a polished upbringing. Even though she has come to my rescue with an unshakable bond, I’m not sure I have a chance.
My name is Trysta, and I’ve got it bad. Did I mention I’m also in hiding?

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