Captive – FREE


Captive: A Paranormal & Fantasy Pirate Romance + Bonus Books

I was Slade of the Seven Seas. I had been to every corner of the world, in search of treasure, but in the end, there was only one jewel I ever really wanted: Nixie. Some pirates roamed the Earth, looking for gold, but I roamed the Earth looking for her. But after two hundred years of searching, I started to have my doubts.

In my hunt, I wound up in modern day London, selling jewelry out of a little shop people barely stepped into. With online shopping, why would anyone bother anyway? But, to my surprise, my failing jewelry busy would lead me right to the hope diamond I had been looking for all along.

Her name was still Nixie but now she believed she was the daughter of two scuba divers. She had no idea what magic she held as a water nymph. Worst of all, she no longer remembered me! But I was determined to make her remember, or I wouldn’t be Slade, King of the Pirates. I just had to. Life wasn’t worth living without her. But with the will of the Gods against us, would I ever get her back into my arms again? Or would I drown in the depths of the ocean, a victim of vengeance?


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