The Big Beautiful Bride Heads West – 99 Cents

Lizzie is excited to meet her groom-to-be until she finds out…he is how old?!

Lizzie is no stranger to hardships in life. She has suffered through the miscarriage of her baby, the loss of her beloved husband and brother-in-law to the Civil War, and her treasured sister-in-law leaving her to travel out West. Now, with the bank taking her boarding house business and nowhere to go, she is wondering why God has forsaken her. But when her sister-in-law writes a letter suggesting that she may have found a suitable husband for Lizzie, she begins to think that just maybe…there’s a better life waiting for her.

Little does Lizzie know that Billy Peters, her soon-to-be husband, is not the businessman Bernadette made him out to be. Aside from being much less realistic than the tough, no-nonsense Lizzie, he’s also several years younger. Lizzie is convinced that she could never saddle a young, vibrant man like Billy with an old barren widow like herself.

Can Billy and a sweet horse with a desolate future change her mind? Will the curse finally be broken or will Lizzie’s own stubborn resolve not to be a burden be her ultimate undoing?

Find out more about this heartwarming story of love and loss…

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