Seduced by the Mob Books 1-3 – 99 CENTS

Three hot alpha males. Three steamy romances. One compelling interwoven story.

Follow Lorenzo, Gino and Johnny in these three stories full of action, intrigue, and of course scorching hot romance! The Russian mafia have been sniffing around, kidnapping innocent women and selling them off into slavery. These alphas just cannot let that stand, and nothing is gonna come between them and their women. Find out just what it means to belong to a badass mobster in these three interwoven novels. Each of these guys knows exactly what he wants, and exactly how to get it.


Normally, women come easy for me. I ain’t even gotta try. One night of sex is normally enough, then I’m on the hunt for the next trophy.

Cheryl….she’s different though. And it’s not just ‘cos she’s playin’ hard to get. She’s smart, she’s gorgeous, and she can hold her own even with my messed up family and friends. Hell, I haven’t even told her what line of work I’m in, just in case it scares her away.

Yup, I’m in deep with this girl.

But things are about to get messy – and if I’m not careful, I’ll lose everything. The scary thing is, I ain’t even sure if I care, as long as I don’t lose her…


I’ve wanted Tiffany ever since I first laid eyes on her. She’d been kidnapped by those Russian gangster scum, the Vor, and it almost cost us our lives getting her and their other victims out of there. We bloodied the Vor’s noses bad enough that we haven’t seen ’em for years.

But now they’re back, and they want revenge.

It took years for Tiff to get over what they did to her the first time around, took years for her to let me in, to let me love her. And now that she has, there ain’t no chance I’m letting them take her away from me again.

I’d die for her, and it just might come to that….


She’s a homeland security agent. A fed. There is NO way I should ever be getting involved with someone like her, but goddamn it I just can’t help myself. She ain’t like the other women I usually surround myself with….she’s got some steel to her, and she ain’t afraid of talkin’ back to me, even though she knows I could have her put six feet under with a snap of my fingers.

Before I know it I’m fallin’ for her, but it ain’t as simple as settlin’ down with a white picket fence. Turns out she’s got a twin sister that’s been kidnapped by some international security group called Dragonfly. These guys mean business, and getting her sister back is gonna push our little family operation to the limits.

Sarah just might be worth it though…especially after I find out she’s carrying my baby….

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