Secret Love – FREE

Rhya Stuart has spent her adult life focused on nothing but her career, and it’s paid off immensely. She’s worked her way up from coffee-getter to field producer at the country’s top sports network, ASN. Now, her latest assignment has her traveling to the Viceroy Ski Resort in Aspen, Colorado, where the stakes couldn’t be higher. If the interview is a success, she’ll be the top candidate for an executive producer position that would come with a lot more money and a lot less traveling. The only problem with the assignment? The talent.

Jace Monroe has traveled the world and made millions as a Big Air skier, and everyone knows he’s enjoyed himself immensely. That’s his reputation, at least—the infamous playboy. But image is everything in this world of high-dollar endorsement deals, so to help improve his public persona, his agent sets up an exclusive interview that Jace can’t afford to refuse. He’s determined to get through the weeklong ordeal without any distractions on the slopes. That all changes when he meets the beautiful and thoroughly bothersome Rhya.
Sparks fly between their polar-opposite personalities and goals, and their undeniable attraction to one another seems ripe for white-hot passion.

But will Rhya find a way to shed some of her professionalism and indulge in her desires? Will Jace avoid all distractions and keep his focus on the Big Air slopes? And what will happen when Jace shows Rhya a side of Aspen unknown to most?

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