Folks – 99 CENTS

Davio Porchelli had asked Ashley Lane to marry him, and she had accepted. But he had to be away for a business trip and he left her at the house to work on the interior design. He had no idea that she was planning his office next, and he had forgotten about the photos that were in his desk.

Ashley was taken advantage of Davio being away to work in his office. When she was unloading his desk she discovered a stack of photographs of her being raped by Randall Thompson. All of the sick and vile things Randall had done to her were there in Davio’s desk. She was sick, knowing that Davio has seen the photos and knew exactly what Randall had done to her. She dropped the photos and ran to her apartment, crying so hard she could hardly see to drive.

When Davio returned home he expected to find Ashley there. Instead he found the photographs scattered on the floor of his office. His heart sank at the pain these photos must have caused Ashley. Damn, he should have destroyed them, but he didn’t. Now he feared that the photos could cost him Ashley.

Davio was determined to win Ashley back. He would do whatever it took to make her understand that he loved her and still wanted her, regardless of what had happened to her.

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