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Amelia Jade loves to write the stories of tall, growly shifter men and the women who come to love them. Living out in the back-country near the mountains, she keeps her own alpha male close by, to keep the wild bears away and keep her warm. In her down time (which is rare), she loves to read science-fiction with a dash of fantasy. You can often find her curled up in front of the real wood-burning fireplace, her nose firmly buried in a book or her favorite e-reader. The cold can’t bother her there!


Jake Jeffries is a wolf shifter in search of the other half of his soul. Literally. He’s travelling the country with his pack of friends in search of the one to call his, as part of a rite of passage.

He is also quite possibly the single most charming, intelligent and gorgeous person to ever walk into Harper’s life recently. Which is exactly what she needs, because the day leading up to meeting him was one she would rather forget. Broken mirrors and crumpled fenders were the start, but her luck managed to cap it all off with a declined mortgage.

Of course, that all happened before the campground she owned burnt to the ground. Five years of her life, down the drain because some idiot forgot to pour water on a campfire. When she flees her burning dreams, desperate for a drink to numb the pain, she runs right into Jake.

Things couldn’t possibly be this easy for him, could they? Did his mate really just walk in, throwing open the door to the bar, and his heart?

But despite their bond, Jake hasn’t told Harper everything, and when she finds out, it could burn everything he’s worked to build between them.


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